Jai Hind friends my name is Rahul Kasodhan, friends, the use of credit cards in India is increasing very fast, friends.

Now every person in India has a credit card and every person is also using his credit card very easily, Now whether you have to do online shopping, any purchase from a retail store, and from restaurants to any movie tickets, people mostly use credit cards, friends, if you do not have a credit card, then you have to take a credit card. You must have received frequent phone calls, messages, emails etc. on your mobile phone, and if you have a credit card, then you must have been getting tempting offers like credit cards of other company’s additional cards of your company, but friends bank Some things related to credit card hides from you and what are those things, today you are going to know through this amazing post of ours, so friends, I request you from the heart that you will read this great post very carefully. If you like this post then you can share this post with your friends If you share it with me, then friends, without wasting your time, let’s start this great post of ours today and know some important things related to your credit card, so let’s start.


Friends, often banks promise to give free EMI or 0% EMI on credit cards to their privileged customers, but banks hardly give you the time to read or understand the terms and conditions related to 0% EMI, friends, you should know that 0% Some rules and conditions are applicable on EMI on interest and if you do not accept any one condition then you may have to pay interest rate of not more than 5 10 but more than 20%.

2.Credit Card Points

Friends, whenever you use a credit card, you get some points which you can redeem and take cashback, banks never tell you by themselves how you can redeem points and similar information is not available. Because of this, your millions of points are left lying like this and your credit card expires and apart from this, even when your points cross the landmark like 1000 to 10,000, even then banks do not tell you how many points of your credit card. done and how can you redeem them.

3.Credit Card Due Date

Friends, you must have often seen that when you have to pay the bill of mobile phone, then the telecom companies keep sending you messages continuously, even making calls, and the banks also keep sending reminders for the minimum balance but the same credit card. You neither get any reminder nor any message or call to deposit the bill, in reality, the bank itself does not want you to pay their bill on time because the bank only wants you to pay the bill. Late in paying and then he will charge you penalty, that’s why friends, you should take care of the due date yourself and pay your credit card bill on time.


Friends, banks often offer you to upgrade the credit card, often the bank employees keep luring you to upgrade your silver card to gold and gold to platinum for free, but do not tell you that for a new credit card. You also have to pay an annual fee ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 700.

5.Credit Card Credit Limit Fees

Friends, credit card holders often get calls that the credit limit of your credit card is being increased for free, the bank is increasing the credit limit by more than 2 times considering you as a privileged customer and here your consent is not even sought from you. But banks never tell you that after this your annual fee will also increase and as your credit card limit increases, so does your annual fee.

So friends, in today’s post, you have learned 5 such things related to your credit card that banks never tell you, that’s why you should take care of these things yourself so that you can use your credit card properly. If you can also avoid loss, then friends, this was our wonderful and best post today, in which you know a lot about your credit card, friends, I hope you people must have liked our wonderful post today, so If you really liked our today’s post, then please share this post with your friends, friends, by giving so much of your precious time out of your precious time, someone from the heart to read this post so carefully. Thank you so much for the wonderful and wonderful post you have done till then Jai Hind Vande Mataram.