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we have been sharing knowledge and information related to MONEY, REINVESTMENT, WEALTH, FINANCE, there is an area related to this investing and wealth system which is BITCOIN AND CRYPTOCRRENCIES

that is why Q’s recent BITCOIN Has touched its high all time high price yes whose value was zero 10 years ago today, recently the value of the same bitcoin has touched more than 17 lakhs, that’s why many people, media and investors have increased the trend about it.

People are also confused about BITCOIN and many people want to know and understand about BITCOIN properly so that is why today we will share with you the necessary information about CRYPTO CURRENCY AND BITCOIN SE RELATED INDIA ACCORDING of CURRENT SITUATION so that you will share BITCOIN To be more intelligent than others, as well as the most asked and important question whether CRYPTO or BITCOIN is legal in India or not can we invest in BITCOIN or not? Giving through post but friends For that, you will have to read this great post very carefully till the very end, because half incomplete knowledge is the most harmful so let’s friends, without wasting any time let us start this wonderful post.


So friends, first of all we know that what is CRYPTO CURRENCY (BITCOIN) in the end, then friends if it is understood in SIMPLE WAY, then like money moves in India, DOLLAR in USA BITCOIN AND CRYPTOCURRANCY is used on internet.

That is, BITCOIN AND CRYPTO CURRENCY is a DIGITAL MONEY and it is such a currency that we can neither see nor touch it as well as CURRENCY like DOLLAR, EURO or RUPEES is the right of the government of that country. Totally different CRYPTO CURRENCY AND BITCOIN There is no control of any government or person of any country that’s why CRYPTO CURRENCY today exists in many different ways like ETHEREUM, LITECOIN or RIPPLE (XRP) but many more.

The most famous of these is BITCOIN and friends there are some reasons why BITCOIN is so famous as it is the first CRYPTO CURRENCY, BITCOIN is so fast GROWTH NEGATIVE NEWS AND PUBLICITY as well as some MOST INFLUENCING AND SUCCESSFUL people of WORLD also showing trends about it and talking It has been seen that like ELON MUSK, JACK DORSI, WILLGEDS, and many such INFLUENCERS even some big companies of the world like FACEBOOK, TESLA, PAYPAL, AMAZON AND JPMORGAN do TRADING or INVEST in CRYPTO, So this thing mostly gives confidence to the investors in a way or INFLUENCE that investing in CRYPTO AND BITCOIN can be a beneficial option because if the RATE OF INTEREST OF GOLD, STOCKS AND MUTUAL FUNDS of the last 5-10 years is seen then BITCOIN and all of them have a huge DIFFERENCE, now friends, you must be thinking that this is a matter of fund but is CRYPTO CURRENCY (BITCOIN) LEGAL in India? So yes friends now BITCOIN is CRYPTO CURRENCY (BITCOIN) LEGAL in India because on 4th March 2020, Supreme Court has removed the ban on BITCOIN RBI AND Supreme Court had cleared that BITCOIN is LEGAL and you are BITCOIN AND You can invest or trade in CRYPTO but still many people in India do not know this thing and still most people believe that BITCOIN AND CRYPTO is CURRENCY ILLEGAL thing and it is banned in India now its The reason is that in 2018 MAIN ESTEEM MEDIA REPORTED that RBI has put BAN on CRYPTO CURRENCY but it was absolutely wrong to say that it was banned directly, rather RBI had ordered Banks that platforms related to CRYPTO CURRENCY or DO NOT DEAL WITH TRANSACTIONS ie they froze out the CRYPTO CURRANCY KE ECOSYSTEM and TRANSACTION BUT RBI finally did this, why friends it is also very important to know, if seen, most of the things like CRYPTO CURRENCY AND BITCOIN There are also positive and negative things like ONL It was impossible for INE ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES, MONEY LAUNDERING, DRUGS TRADINGS, HACKING, WEAPONS BUYING AND SELLING AND SECURITY CONSULT EXTRA and flame info agency to track these transactions, so friends, it was really a matter of great concern. There is no doubt that RBI had to take such a decision but apart from this, some CRYPTO EXCHANGE FOUNDERS of India fought this case in court and explained to RBI AND COURT how BLOCK CHAIN ​​AND CRYPTO actually works as well as He also kept some important points like wrong people also use normal currency and assets for their wrong work as well as fake notes are also printed, illegal property, fraud schemes also run and hack then bank stock or any It can be software of a big company and it is quite an example like that, that is, almost whatever problems are with BITCOIN, it can happen with other things and currency also.

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