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friends, today’s post is especially for my younger and elder brothers, whose age is between 20 years to 30 years, friends, you must know that 20 years to 30 years The age between the years is a very special age, because between the age of 20 to 30, neither you are a child nor you are much older, at this age people are often married and some People have had children too and some people plan their children by getting married at this age and some people are just about to get married at this age, friends, this is the age in which you have to do this in front of your parents. It has to be shown that you have become financially dependent and you are ready to take responsibility of your own family after marriage and friends, at this age some financial mistake also happens with you which affects your whole life. Friends, there is a proverb in Hindi that when there is time, there is no wisdom and when there is wisdom, time is very less and the same thing happens in our financial problems. It also happens with Jhadari, most of us often lack financial understanding at the beginning of our career, due to which we take many of our wrong financial decisions, which we regret with the passage of age. Friends, do not take any such financial decision in your life, after doing which you may regret later, that is why in today’s amazing post I am going to give you some such important financial tips, using which you can increase your financial understanding. Yes, and you can save yourself from making any mistake related to finance, then friends, this post of ours is going to be very special for you, so you will read this post very carefully, so let’s get on with this. Let’s start the best post and know which are the financial tips that will help you in increasing your understanding of finance, so let’s start.


Creating EMARGENCY FUND, friends, emergency fund is needed so that we can handle any kind of emergency coming in our life well and avoid asking for loan or borrowing from anyone. Friends, if you want more information about what is an emergency fund and how to make an emergency fund, then you can search for it on YouTube by searching all the information related to the emergency fund.


Friends, I know that you must already know many things about insurance, but you must have often forgotten its importance, friends, the importance of insurance is known only when suddenly there is an accident with us and the family earns. If the member dies, now if there is no insurance at such a time, then even thinking about what will happen to that family, the soul trembles, friends, note that insurance is not an investment and therefore you will not have to pay any kind of life and property. To avoid loss, insurance must be done and friends, the purest form of insurance is TERM PLAN and therefore whenever you take any life insurance, make sure that you have taken TERM PLAN, apart from this, HEALTH for the whole family Taking INSURANCE POLICY is also very important because these days hospital expenses have become very expensive and in such a situation, any health problem can spoil the entire budget of your family, so along with TERM PLAN INSURANCE, HEALTH PLAN must also be taken. Friends, there is one more special thing about insurance that you must keep in mind. And that thing is that the younger the age of insurance is taken, the lower its fee ie the premium and therefore taking the protection of insurance at the very beginning of your career can prove to be very beneficial for you, friends remember. Keep in mind that insurance cannot be taken when it is needed, so you should take insurance in time.


Understanding of good debt and bad debt, friends, you must know that taking a loan is not considered a good thing, but friends, debt is not always bad for us, my dear friends, I can tell you that there are two types of debt (GOOD DEBT Good Debt (BAD DEBT) Bad Debt, Friends One of the biggest differences between good and bad debt is that your income increases due to good debt, that means your cash flow increases but your income due to bad debt More work gets done than before and your cash flow is not able to increase, that’s why friends, you should carefully take a good loan with your understanding and increase your wealth and keep your income in order, friends if If you want more information about good loans and bad loans, then you can search on YouTube, you will find many videos related to good loans and bad loans on YouTube, from which you will get very good information about good loans and bad loans. |


Friends, by financial planning here, I mean that for the biggest expenses in our life, it is necessary to understand in advance where the money will come from and to plan and work on them like wedding expenses, home Making a great fund by using savings and investments for construction expenses, car expenses, children’s education expenses, holidays, retirement or financial freedom etc. This is called financial planning. If I want more information, then you can search on YouTube, you will find many videos related to financial planning on YouTube, from which you will get very good information.


Learning about investment, friends, here by pay investment, I mean to make such assets that you always have income so that you can have cash flow, friends investment is a very big subject in which you learn to make money from money If you start learning and understanding about investing from an early age, then as you age, your knowledge, experience and confidence increases a lot and then you can make money very easily.

So friends, these were our 5 some important financial tips today, by using which you can remove your life from the problem of money, friends, I hope you must have liked our amazing post today, then if you really like today We have liked this post of ours and if you have liked the financial information given by us through this post, then please share this post with your friends also and if you have any question about this post in your mind then you You can ask us by commenting, friends, taking out so much of your precious time and reading this post so carefully, I get heartfelt thanks to you in some other wonderful and best post till then Jai Hind Vande Mataram.