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friends FINANCE COURSE MONEY RELATED ACTIVITIES like INVESTING, SAVING, BORROWING and FORECASTING DEAL FROM MANAGEMENT FRIENDS, THESE COURSES ARE IN MOST VALUABLE COURSES, Q is considered the back bone of every industry and FINANCE is considered For this reason the position of the finance manager is also considered as MOST CHALLENGING AND REWARDING. The responsibility of looking after the finances of big companies and government agencies rests on the shoulders of finance managers, finance managers are professionals who keep corporate accounts healthy, they not only trash the cash flow but also financial reports. Let’s prepare the role of finance manager is very special and responsible and every big company needs such a great finance manager, now in such a situation if you also have interest in finance and want to see yourself in such position. If yes, then today’s post is going to be very special for you people, because in today’s amazing post I am going to give you all the necessary information related to becoming a finance manager, that’s why I request you from my heart, please If you read this post carefully and completely, then friends, we start this wonderful post of ours quickly and know that the whole process of becoming a finance manager, so let’s start.


Friends, to become a finance manager, you must have a master degree in financial management, to reach this position, you have to understand financial management very closely, for which you can do these courses like-


Friends, let me tell you that MASTER DEGREE PROGRAM is of two years while PG Diploma is only for one year. Friends, in these courses, admission (APTITUDE TEST), (GROUP DISCUSSION), AND (INTERVIEW) are available on the basis. Friends, to become a finance manager, you must have master degree in finance, now you must have come to know this but how will be the way to reach master degree i.e. what eligibility and condition you have to complete to take master degree in finance know in such detail.

Friends, you must be a graduate for admission in these courses, you can take a graduation degree from any discipline and to do graduation you have to pass 12th class which can be from any stream, friends, admission in these courses The procedure may vary depending on the institute. Many institutes give admission to the students on the basis of the scores in these exams like CAT conducted by IIMs, MAT for ALL INDIA MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION and XAT for XAVIER INSTITUTE etc. | Friends, some institutes also conduct their institute’s EXAM for admission in these courses. You have already seen an option to become a finance manager, in which after passing 12th class and graduation from any stream, you have to do master degree or PG diploma in finance, apart from this there is also another option to become a finance manager in which you can 12th class. Clear from any stream after that (B.Com),(BFIA=BACHELORS IN FINANCIAL AND INVESTMENT ANALYSIS),(B.Eco=CA FOUNDATION) COURSE followed by professional course like (CA=CHARTERED ACCOUNTENT),(CFA) =CHARTERED FINANCIAL ANALYST) or (MFC=MASTERS IN FINANCE CONTROL) after which you can achieve your goal to become finance manager very soon. To reach this position you have one more option in which you have 12th class SCIENCE is PCM or COMMERCE which includes MATHS and ECONOMIC, after that you can do BA IN ECONOMICS or BUSINESS ECONOMICS or you can complete graduation from B.Sc MATHEMATICS, now after graduation you can POST in FINANCE MANAGEMENT or MASTERS FINANCE CONTROL You can take the degree of graduation, in this way you can get these three options By choosing a good suitable option for yourself, you can achieve your goal of becoming a financial manager.

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