Jai Hind Friends,

Friends There is a big good news for HDFC Bank MILLENNIA Credit Card holders because MILLENNIA Credit Card has also been re-launched and this time which cashback app is it? , it has been changed. Earlier we used to get the job, according to that this time too more benefits will be seen, so friends, now we start this amazing post of ours today.

So friends will talk with live proof. We have received the PDF here and will explain to you in detail through this PDF, it is being said here that the important update product features of the MILLENNIA Credit Card with effect from 1/11/2021 will be implemented now let’s talk That what was available earlier and what will be available now, let us cover it in detail here.What was earlier that you used to get 5 pension cashback transactions in smart boy and page off, in that too the minimum transaction of one of the criteria should be 2000. Only then you will get cashback, otherwise even if it was a little less, then even ₹ 1 cashback would not have been available. Then what is it that you can get ₹1000 cashback on that too in another Patria’s glory part 1 calendar month. In this also one thousand will be given for the health of the criteria. After that again you will get ₹ 750 every month. Changed now.Concept change what is new? Millionaire Features 5% Cashback on Favorite Master, Amazon, Bookmyshow, Carpet Flipkart Myntra Sony Liv TV Tata Click Uber Zomato in all these platforms if you get it. Now you will get 5% cashback. That’s not even the first thing. There is no transaction limit.No typing. There is no transaction tax limit. Meaning even if you do ₹ 1, you will still get cashback. What was earlier that you had to do minimum 2000 transaction. Only then will you get cashback but?There is no tax limit on any transaction but typing in cashback. What will be the meaning of the maximum captcha that will be set in that day, if you can do the maximum ₹ 1000 in one go?1000 will be available. If it would be best, then it got to see a new concept. Second, what has changed is that what was there earlier and in offline transactions, you get maximum time by including movies and offline or by charging mic, but that too you had to do the minimum transaction. But what now that the minimum transaction limit has been removed?It used to be but what is that the minimum transaction limit has been removed, meaning there will be no one. Will go offline anywhere and this time whatever is there has been removed to ₹ 1000 here.It was also that 2.5% cashback you used to get online transaction, in which minimum ₹ 2000 transaction has to be done and then it was given but you guys must comment by commenting on it.What was before the other spoon was that the cashback point which was valid was only for 1 year. Means if you got any cashback. If you do not read it within 1 year, then it will be left. Will not get it back after that. But now it has been reduced to 2 years. Can redeem up to 2 years.can do. Milestone benefit has also been changed here. What was it that if you spend one lakh? In the calendar quarter, in the first year launch offer, you were nourished by doing a thousand, but now it has changed here. Now what is that 1259 of Wonder Water?Turn Off Extent Every Calendar Water Every Year First Year Album Every Year In The Whole Year If You Spend ₹ 100000 In Calendar Patan You Will Get A Voucher Of 1000 Which Was What Was Earlier, Then In 1 Year It Was For First Calendar Quarter But right now you will get to see every year which has been very busy.The best has been done. Will spend one lakh. You will find a boy. Sent to you in the mail, the other has been changed There will also be only 500 points. Even if you get 500 reward points, you can redeem it here so you are very busy. No waiting to do point 2508. Many times he used to get late in this affair. If you haven’t done it for 1 year, whatever is left is also there, but now it has ringed and there is a way. Modeling has also been made 500 and what remains of the record is for the 2nd date as well. After that we do not have any change in some sectors until you will get a fuel surcharge weather of 1% so that you can take a cycle here for ₹ 50. Minimum transaction required.You can definitely choose, there is no change in that too. Complimentary Domestic Lounge Access You will get to see dude at 8:00 pm and there is no question in the charger. You will have to pay 1000 plus Applicable Justice which you have to cut every year, that you have to pay here. There is no change in three things. Changed above.There is no change but the cashback logically changed in the above. very busy i thought best amazon flipkart myntra do this transaction RS.1000.